Credits page!


~ Giving credit where credit is due ~

This is people who have helped out in one or another way. Without their help I wouldn't have built the "Engineer's Assistant" and this web-site wouldn't exist!


  Voja Antonic   The author of AN689 (Microchip's PDF-file) and the person who invented the "Engineer's assistant".

I must say this is one of the smartest guys I know of. He's created a user-friendly and useful instrument by making _full_ use of the PIC16F84 microcontroller's resources. Actually there is just 1 un-used word out of 1024 in the "Program Memory". And still there was not enough space to contain all of the look-up tables, so 61 (of 64) bytes of the DATA EEPROM had to be used for this purpose. This says a great deal about the level of code-space optimizing.

He was also very helpful and kind when I needed the PCB-layout in GIF-file format. He e-mail'ed it to me in practically no time!

Mr. Voja Antonic seems to have been involved in digital electronics for many years, as he appears to be the design-engineer behind a Zilog Z80A -based computer-kit from 1983!
Have a look at for more information on this computer.


  Per Otto Vangsnes   He's a friend of mine, and we fabricated the PCBs at his kitchen! Per Otto is also an enthusiastic PICmicro programmer and he's the one who introduced me to PICmicro programming in the first place...


  Halvard Skurve   He's an electronics engineer from the University of Bergen. He took the pictures of the instrument with a digital camera.


  Bob Blick   He's got his own web-site which, among other things, hosts two ZIP-files for the "Engineer's Assistant". (You'll find these files here, so don't worry!)
This is where I first came across the source-code.


Erik Grindheim, 17.04.2000