Here are the picture-files to look at or to download:


  display.jpg   This is a close-up of the LCD when the instrument is in "Analyzer" mode. We're looking at bit samples no. 61 through 120 (window no. 2). Sample rate is 26Ás and the process was trigged at a high-to-low transition.

  Printed_Circuit_Boards.jpg   A picture of two etched PCBs. The upper one shows the solder-side and the other shows the component-side.

  halfway.jpg   The instrument's PCB with most of the components soldered.

  underside.jpg   Shows the finished instrument from the solder-side of the PCB. You can see the reset switch (S3) and the 33ohms resistor mentioned in the Battery issues section.

  sideview.jpg   This image shows the instrument from the side.

  finished-1.jpg   A picture of the instrument with analyzer-data on the LCD.
(The same things on the LCD as in

  finished-2.jpg   This is another version of the same image that is used as a background for the main page: "Engineer's Assistant - homepage".

  finished-3.jpg   Just yet another picture of the finished instrument. It has a slightly different viewing angle than finished-2.jpg.

  schematic.gif   This is a copy from the PDF-file. Is shows the schematic wiring diagram of the instrument.

  Voja Antonic.jpg   Here is a picture of mr. Voja Antonic, the man behind the Engineer's Assistant. I found this somewhere at the Internet.

  probe1.jpg   This is a picture of the author's finished instrument with a case of PCB material (fibre glass).

  probe2.jpg   Same as above (probe1.jpg), but with the insrument case opened up. It's easy to see how the case is soldered together.

  pov-ea.jpg   Per Otto Vangsnes' assistant. The picture is of low quality as it is taken with a low-budget scanner and a white T-shirt! The PCB is made of two single-sided fibre glass boards.


If you have a picture of your own "assistant" that you would like to see on this page, feel free to e-mail it to me.


Erik Grindheim, 14.04.2000